World Mental Health Day 2021: How to celebrate world mental health day

World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day 2021: Mental health experts say that anxiety gives us stress and if this stress remains for a long time, then it can turn into depression. In such a situation, awareness about mental health becomes very important. This is the reason why World Mental Health Day is celebrated on 10 October to spread awareness among people about mental problems.

International Mental Health Day: With the changing times, stress is increasing in the life of a person. Especially the use of technology has increased the level of stress manifold. A large number of people are falling prey to depression. In such a situation, the need for psychiatrists is also increasing in today’s society. With the right consultation, you can not only fight mental illnesses but also get rid of them forever.

History of World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day was first celebrated in the year 1992. The day was first celebrated at the initiative of Richard Hunter, Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations, and the World Federation for Mental Health. Let us tell you that the World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH) is a global mental health organization with more than 150 member countries.

In 1994, the then Secretary-General of the United Nations, Eugene Brody, decided to set a theme and advised to celebrate this day. Since then, every year on October 10, various programs are organized around the world to increase awareness about mental health.

World Mental Health Day 2021 Theme

WFMH President Dr. Ingrid Daniels has announced the theme for World Mental Health Day 2021. This year’s theme is ‘Mental Health in an Unequal World’. The topic has been chosen by a global vote, including WFMH members, stakeholders, and supporters, as the world is becoming increasingly polarised, with the rich becoming even richer, while the poor and the poor are still outnumbered. In the past years, it has been seen that discrimination has increased significantly according to the social and economic status of the people. This discrimination also affects the mental health of people.

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Changes in our lifestyle, being entangled in ourselves, and distance from social life is becoming the cause of anxiety and stress. Going forward, this becomes the reason for depression as well as other such mental diseases. Many people in the world are suffering from many problems and diseases like Social Stigma, Dementia, Hysteria, Anxiety, Selflessness.

World Mental Health Day is celebrated with the aim of spreading awareness among people about similar mental problems. Its purpose is that people should be aware of mental problems and can seek medical help in time. Along with this, their friends, relatives, and society can also understand the difficulty of people suffering from mental problems.

Mental Health Day 2021

In the world, one out of five adolescents aged 9 to 17 years is ill in some form or the other, more than half of these patients do not even understand that they are sick. According to this report, 97 crore people worldwide are suffering from mental diseases. Of these, 80 percent of mental disorder patients are unable to get treatment for years.

At the same time, in the era of the corona epidemic, it has seen more speed, the number of mental patients has increased by 20% in the epidemic. Talking about youth, 20 percent of the youth population in the world is suffering from mental disorders. Surprisingly, 5 out of 10 patients related to mental health do not even understand that their mind is sick.

According to WHO, 56 crore people in India are suffering from depression and 38 million people are suffering from anxiety. Out of the total population of India, 7.5% of people have a mental illness. This figure can go up to 20%.

International Mental Health Day

Many experts have also spoken about mental health. Professor of Psychiatry Department, AIIMS New Delhi. Rajesh Sagar says that we need to be more alert about youth because the symptoms of an ill mind are usually nervousness, bad mood, lack of concentration, and change in nature.

At the same time, Dr. Aparna Krishnan, Psychiatrist at Kokila Ben Hospital in Mumbai, also says that family members should not ignore these symptoms. Immediately consult a doctor without delay.