[iPhone] What is I” in iPhone Stands For- I meaning in iPhone


The iPhone has a different status in the smartphone world. As the price of the iPhone increases, its popularity also increases at the same speed. The passion among people about the Smartphone Phone is such that people wait in line all night to buy this phone worth lakhs of rupees. There is no dearth of appreciation for this phone in India too. Phone maker Apple is constantly making changes in its technology.

Although Smartphone Phone is used by many people, very few people will know what is the meaning of i (i) in iPhone.

Meaning of ‘i’ in iPhone

Not only iPhone, all Apple products iMac, iPod, iTunes, iPad also have i (i). At an Apple event in 1998, Steve Jobs introduced the iMac, explaining the link between the ‘i’ and the “Mac”. Steve Jobs said that the ‘i’ in the iMac is used for the Internet.

In addition to the Internet, ‘i’ in Apple also stands for the individual, to instruct, to inform, and to inspire.

When the iPhone was announced in 2007, one of its three key ingredients was Internet communication, one of the fundamentals of music and phone calls, which brings the ‘i’ back to the original purpose of the Internet.

Will change the meaning of ‘i’

But now the meaning of ‘i’ in iPhone is going to change. iPhone maker Apple aims to make India one of the major hubs of its global manufacturing. Now the assembly of new models of iPhone will also happen in India. So far, most of Apple’s products are manufactured in China. But now Apple is considering shifting this manufacturing from China to India. Because Apple had to suffer a lot in the ongoing trade war between America and China.

iPhone will be made in India only

It has been learned that Apple has started manufacturing the Phone XR at Foxconn’s plant in Chennai. However, two of Apple’s biggest global contract manufacturers are already present in India. Apple says that the Smartphone Phone market in India is continuously growing. If the Smartphone Phone is manufactured in India itself, it will save a lot in import duty.

Apple has already prepared plans to open its proprietary retail stores in India and sell the Smartphone Phone directly online.

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