The Cloud Door: 1994 Short Film, Indian German Short Film Download

The Cloud Door

You must have heard the name of The Cloud Door. If you do not know much about this short film, then today we will tell you about one thing related to this short film. This short movie was made in 1994. We cannot say that this short film was the first short film in India, but we can definitely say that The Cloud Door was the first Indian German short film. Which was made in India.

If you haven’t given this movie yet, then you should definitely watch it. It is an Indo-German drama short film. Some things related to Indian culture have been shown in this drama. Along with this, many old incidents are shown. The name of the director of this short film is Mani Kaul.

The Cloud Door Cast

Anu Agarwal, Murad Ali, Mohit Raj are in the lead role of this short film. You must have seen Anu Agarwal in the movie Ashiqui. Anu Aggarwal got a lot of fame after Ashiqui Movie. The movie Ashiqui was well-liked.

Let us tell you that Rohit Raj has been an Indian cricketer. Rohit Raj has worked in many Bhojpuri movies. He has also worked in very few Hindi movies.

NameThe Cloud Door
DirectorMani Kaul
ProducerRegina Ziegler,
Lalitha Krishna
WritterMani Kaul
Lead ActorsAnu, Murad, Rohit
Running Time29 Min
CountryIndia, Germany

How to Watch The Cloud Door

The Cloud Door is available on many platforms but we will show you the easiest way. With the help of which you can watch this short film. And you can download as well. Let us tell you that The Cloud Door has got a rating of 5.5 on IMDb.

To download The Cloud Door, first you have to open your YouTube. After opening YouTube, we have to go to the search button. After this, you have to search by typing The Cloud Door.

As soon as you search, you will see that the first one you will see is a video. This video will be approximately 28 minutes. You can watch this short film by opening it. If you want, you can also download it from here. This is the best and easiest way to download this short movie.

The Cloud Door Story

An Indian ruler catches a parrot recounting sensual stories to his girl. Maddened, he wishes to kill the parrot. The princess mediates and saves the parrot’s life by disclosing to her dad that the bird doesn’t have the foggiest idea of what it is saying.

In appreciation, the bird flies to the princess’ sweetheart and leads him through a maze to the princess’ private chambers. The princess and the darling go through the late evening having intercourse.

In January 1995, The Cloud Door was screened once for general society at the International Film Festival of India in Mumbai as a feature of the Erotic Tales program.

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Kaul, known for his stylish work, had never recently made an Indian sexual film, notwithstanding the country’s rich history of sensual people workmanship and writing.

The single-screening of the film created a commotion because of its sensual nature and on-screen bareness, and brought about the police being brought in to forestall revolting.

An additional screening, solely for the press, was held later at an alternate scene. The film was additionally screened at the Munich Film Festival, Locarno International Film Festival, New York Film Festival and the Robert Flaherty Film Seminar.

About The Cloud Door

Assortment analyst Todd McCarty said the film “highlights pictorial magnificence, slow-building arousing quality and amazing humor that consolidate to rich effect”.The commentator for the New York Times said that the film.

when seen with captions and denied of its social setting of Muslim and Hindu writing, “turns into a progression of brilliantly shaded pictures that nearly recount to a story.

A wonderful lady, maybe a mistress; a green, since a long time ago followed parrot who rehashes the sexual expressions he’s gotten in her room; expected darlings. Excellent nothingness maybe, yet at the same time nothingness.

Surely, the entertainers here are extremely appealing, the outfits and sets are flawless, yet the story has not very many noteworthy minutes to make this film essential.