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Rashmi Rocket Full Movie download

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Some things are going on from the time of Baba Adam, which needs to be changed according to today’s thinking. One such infamous practice in sports is the ‘gender test’. Women are the victims of this. There are so many bad things about the one whose gender test is done which is disrespectful to the woman and some players even gave their lives because of this.

Many countries have discontinued this shoddy test, but it still continues in athletics. There is no ban on this in India too, although voices are being raised against it. The way this test is done and the kind of glasses through which it is seen in the society is not correct in any way.

About The Movie

Movie NameRashmi Rocket
Director NameAkarsh Khurana
WrittersAkarsh, Aniruddha, Lisha, Kanika
Lead ActoressTaapsee
MusicAmit Trivedi
Running Time129 Min
Rashmi Rocket Movie Download

The issue of gender test has been raised in Rashmi Rocket movie. What is this movie telling? Why does it happen? Why should it be closed? How is society’s view of this test? In what way is there politics around this test and players’ careers are ruined?

Rashmi Rocket Full Movie Story

The Story Of Rashmi Rocket is about All these things have been told through a story which is also inspired by some true events. Rocket was associated with Rashmi living in Gujarat because she used to run very fast since childhood. She shoots a bullet, drinks alcohol, wears pants. Somewhere it is not written that men have the right to do all this, but the people of the orthodox village feel this and they look at it through the prism of sexuality and ask the question whether it is a girl or a boy?

However, young Rashmi is noticed by a coach and he takes her game to the international level. When Rashmi’s name rings, those who indulge in nepotism in sports play politics with her on the pretext of ‘gender test’. One is the girl, the athlete on whom there is not much movement in India, gender test from above, it is not easy for Rashmi to fight with all these things. She goes from international fame to national shame.

Rashmi definitely makes the audience aware about the Rocket Gender Test, but the story that has been woven around it has all the same things that are usually seen in every sports films. Sweaty players, politics regarding mutual rivalry of players, all these are also part of Rashmi Rocket. But these things are constantly being handled by Taapsee Pannu’s acting and some good scenes.

Rashmi Rocket Full Movie Download 480p

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Rashmi Rocket movie is directed by Akarsh Khurana. Akarsh has handled the emotional scenes well. Important information about gender test has also been conveyed to the audience in simple words. But the ‘filmy’ color also appeared on him. Gujarat has a background so put a ‘Garba’ song.

He has also tried to keep the court scenes light-hearted which was not needed. Courtroom drama feels a bit filmy. Also, the lawyer fighting against Rashmi is only smart in appearance, but smartness is not visible in his work. Even comical background music was not needed in some scenes. Had these things been handled, the film would have been better.

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Rashmi Rocket mp4moviez

Rashmi Rocket mp4moviez: Taapsee Pannu is the best actress and on the strength of her acting here, she raises the level of the film. He gave his role everything that was needed. Her skin tone is kept dark to show that she spends most of her time in the hot sun. Physically too, he has worked hard to look like an athlete.

Priyanshu Painyuli plays Taapsee well and she seems to be bringing positivity to the film. Supriya Pathak managed to make the audience emotional on the strength of her acting. Abhishek Banerjee’s character has been kept a bit comical and he has played it well. Supriya Pilgaonkar also makes her presence felt. ‘Rashmi Rocket’ raises a strong voice against a practice that has haunted women players for years.

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