Top 10 Most Dangerous Batsman in IPL 2022 आईपीएल में सबसे खतरनाक बैट्समैन कौन है?

Most Dangerous Batsman in IPL

You must have seen IPL 2022. Not only in India but in many other countries people like to watch IPL very much. Today we will tell you about the Most Dangerous Batsman in IPL. By the way, there are some such batsmen in every team, who are known for their dangerous batting. But who is the player in IPL 2022, who is very dangerous? Today we will learn about this topic.

The list of Dangerous Batsman in IPL is quite long. Many such players are present in our different IPL teams. Today we will tell you about all those players and try to know who is that dangerous batsman? Whenever IPL is organized, something new happens. This time two many teams are going to get a chance to play IPL. Today we will also know about those new IPL teams.

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Most Dangerous Batsman in IPL

As you would know, not only players from India but players from many countries of the world play in IPL. Players from different countries participate in this IPL. For example, the captain of KRK (Kolkata Knight Riders) is Eoin Morgan. Eoin is a batsman from England. Similarly, almost all the teams include members and players from different countries. Today we will make you a list of all those players and tell you through it.

When it comes to Dangerous Batsman of IPL, then the names of Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma definitely come up. Virat Kohli comes in the category of the top batsman in the world. Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma are among those batsmen in the world whose rating comes in the top 10. According to ICC, Virat Kohli’s rating is 783.

1. Virat Kohli

Most Dangerous Batsman in IPL

Currently, Virat Kohli plays for Royal Challengers Bangalore RCB IPL. Virat is also the captain of the RCB IPL team. Royal Challengers Bangalore was established in 2008. In 2011, Virat Kohli was made the captain of RCB. Virat has scored around 6283 runs during the IPL. He has played 207 IPL matches so far.

Virat Kohli is known to be a serious player. Apart from being a good batsman, he is also a good human being. If we talk about the top batsmen in the world right now, then Virat Kohli’s name comes on the 8th position. (according to ICC)

IPL Match207
Batting Average37.39

2. David Warner

Most Dangerous Batsman in IPL

David currently plays for Sunrisers Hyderabad. David Warner is also a good batsman as well as a good player. He has also won matches sometimes. David Warner is a famous cricket player from Australia. David Vanar is very active in the IPL matches to be held in India. David Warner has played 150 IPL matches.

IPL Matches150
Batting Average41.59

3. Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is a good player. He has retired from international cricket, but M.S. Dhoni still plays in IPL. Mahendra Singh Dhoni comes in the category of dangerous players of the world. We also know them by the name of Caption Cool. There is a lot of love for Dhoni in the hearts of Indian cricket and cricket lovers. This year’s IPL title has been won by Chennai Super Kings. A lot of credit for this victory also goes to Dhoni. We can call Mahendra Singh Dhoni the most dangerous batsman in IPL.

While in the post of captain, Dhoni has won three titles in his name. All Chennai Super Kings have won for the IPL team. One of the major reasons for Dhoni’s success as a captain is his exceptional batting. Often regarded as the best finisher in the world, Dhoni has turned his side several times. For this reason, they are called gamechanger players.

IPL Matches219
Batting Average39.55

4. Chris Gayle

Chris Gayle is one of the dangerous batsmen of IPL 2022. Chris plays for Punjab Kings. When it comes to the most dangerous batsman in IPL, you cannot keep the name of Chris Gayle out of the discussion. Actually, he will be at the top of most of the list. Most centuries in IPL, fastest century in IPL, most sixes in IPL – Gayle has many records in his name. Gayle was one of the most dangerous batsmen in IPL during his peak period and even at the age of 41, he is one of the fiercest batsmen.

Chris Gayle has so far played for three franchises Kolkata Knight Riders, Royal Challengers Bangalore, and Punjab Kings. His whirlwind 175, which remains the highest score in a T20 match so far, came in RCB’s jersey. Chris Gayle has played many IPL matches. He has hit 357 sixes in IPL, which is the second-best of 112 by de Villiers. This is also the most dangerous batsman in IPL 2022.

IPL Matches142
Batting Average39.72
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