[Guide] How To Play Dream11 ipl: Make money with Dream11

How To Play Dream11 ipl

You must have heard the name of dream11. Today we will tell you how to play dream11 ipl game. Well, dream11 is a popular cricket gaming application. It is very famous in India. You get to play many games on this application.

Often you must have heard about dream11 gaming. Many advertisements promote the dream11 application. We also have many cricketers who are seen promoting Dream11. People also earn a lot of money with the help of dream11 application. Today we will tell you in detail about how to play dream11.

The Dream11 website was launched in the year 2016. Let us tell you that the brand ambassador of dream11 is Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Millions of people use this application in the time of IPL, and also earn money. You can also participate in dream11 with the help of this application. It is very easy to play.

What is Dream11 [About]

Dream11 is a private fantasy sports company. Dream11 was started in the year 2008. The main purpose of making this application was entertainment. This company was created for the purpose of entertainment. Today and dream11 is quite popular. With the help of this application, you can play cricket, as well as play games.

Dream11 is one such application. Where you can play many games. With the help of this application, you can play Kabaddi, Football, Basketball, Hockey today game. As you know, crores of people are crazy about cricket in India. Most cricket is also played in India. On this basis, dream11 was established in 2008. Today the number of users of dream11 is more than 50 million.

Millions of people play this game. It is very easy to play the game with the help of this application. Here you can create a team of your choice. And can play cricket with that team. You can also earn money while playing in this application. Apart from this, many other features are given to the users by Dream11.

How To Play Dream11 ipl

Today we will talk to you about How To Play Dream11 ipl. It is very easy to play IPL or cricket with the help of dream11. You might remember. Many years ago when Nokia’s black and white phones came. There used to be an option to play cricket in them. People used to play cricket with great enthusiasm on that black and white phone.

Let us now know how you can play How To Play Dream11 ipl. You may have used this application before. But today we will tell you a new way. We will explain you step by step, how to download this application on your smartphone. And then you have to register.

Step 1: First of all, with the help of Dream11’s official website, you have to install the dream11 application on your smartphone.

Step 2: Do not download this application from the google play store. This Dream11 App is not available on Playstore. Much such throwaway application is available on the play store.

Step 3: After downloading Dream11 from the website you have to install it.

Step 3: Now an option of the register will appear in front of you. You have to click on register.

Step 4: After this, you have to register with an email id, mobile number, and password.

Step 5: Verify through OTP.

Step 6: Now your account has been created. The home page will open in front of you. All upcoming events will be visible in front of you.

After creating an account, you can access all cricket events. You will see upcoming events. Apart from cricket, you will see many events like football, hockey, tennis, etc. You can access all those events.

Now you have to click on the option of the match in which you want to participate. Like if you want to participate in cricket then you have to click on cricket. After this, you will get live options in front of you.

After this, you have to make a team of 11 people with the help of points. Your defeat and victory will be decided on the basis of this team. First of all, you have to choose the wicketkeeper. After this, you will be able to choose the rest of the team members.

After selecting Wicket Keeper, you have to click on the option of Batsman. You have to select your batsman. You can choose the players as per your wish. If you want to make any changes, that is also possible.

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After this, you have to go to the option of All Rounder. Similarly here also the player has to choose. Only then you will have a good team ready.

In the last, you are given the option of a bowler. Now you have to choose the bowler. After selecting the team, you can also see your selected team with the help of Team Preview. If you want to make any changes, you can do that too. Otherwise, you have to proceed by clicking on the Continue option.

When you click on Continue. After that, you have to choose Captain and Vice-Captain. The role of both of these remains important in the team. So choose these two players carefully. After that click on Next.

After this, you will be shown many live events. You will also have to pay some charge to participate here. You will see many different plans. Before joining any event, you can see the amount received in the reward. How much money will you get at which rank? You can also see this.

To participate in any event, you have to click on the event and then enter your date of birth. After filling in the date of birth, you have to choose your state. After that click on Continue. After that, you will be able to join the contest.

How to make money with Dream11

When you participate in any event and if your team wins. Then you are given money too, but you are given nothing if you lose. Let us tell you that with the help of Dream11, people also earn lakhs of rupees. First, you must learn. Only after that one should participate in games like this. There can also be risks in such games.

So it does not say that everyone who participates in this game wins the prize. But it will definitely be said that many people win in Dream11. You don’t necessarily have to win the first time. You must have a lot of experience of this. Without experience, you cannot play this game. It is very important to have good knowledge about any game before playing it.

For more information about Dream11, you can visit its website. When you download its application, then you can access the official website of Dream11. On this website, you will be told in detail about How To Play Dream11 ipl.

Dream11 How To Play

Dream11 is very easy to play. You need Dream11 App to play it. After downloading the app, you log in. After that, you have to make a team. Like we have told you step by step. You can build your team by following that process.

After creating a team, you will get many live events. Some are free and some are paid. You can also see the list of how many prizes you will get if you win. You will get all the information in complete detail on the App itself.

How to make best team in dream11

To choose the best team in dream11, you have to work hard yourself. It depends on your experience which team you choose. You can choose different players. You will be told in detail when you select a player.

If you are going to play this game for the first time, then you must know about it before playing it. You will find almost all the important information related to the Dream11 game on its official website. You have to go to its website and read on.


This article has been written for the purpose of education. If you want to play Dream11 or earn money or want to participate then it is your responsibility. We have nothing to do with Dream11.