[Full Guide] How To Create A Twitter Account Without a Phone Number Step By Step

How To Create A Twitter Account

Today there will be hardly any person who does not use Twitter. Or do not know about Twitter. Today Twitter is one of the most popular social media networks. Today we will tell you about How to Create a Twitter Account Without a Phone Number. Today we will know, how you can easily create your Twitter account. Today we will tell you about some such methods.

Let us tell you that Twitter was started in 2006. Today millions of people are using it. There are also many rules and regulations for using Twitter. If you want, you can read this rule law. You have to click on this link to read.

Let us tell you that there are about 22.1 million people in India who use Twitter. Today leaders, actors, influencers are present on Twitter, not only in India but almost all countries of the world, everyone has their own account. All the countries are present from their own Twitter account. Some detailed accounts are run by the government. There are also some personal Twitter accounts.

What is Twitter Account

Twitter app is a social media platform. How do you use Facebook? Similarly, you can also use Twitter as a social media platform. We will definitely tell you about How To Create A Twitter Account, but before that, it is very important for you to know some things about Twitter.

  1. Twitter is a social media site or social media platform. With the help of Twitter, you can tweet or message.
  2. With the help of Twitter, people send short messages. You have a limit to send messages here.
  3. After creating your account on Twitter, you can also get it verified. You must have often heard about Blue Tick.
  4. If you have a lot of followers. Only then Twitter gives the user a blue tick.
  5. Government Twitter accounts are given a separate tag to identify this. That this is the Twitter account of the government of a country.

How To Create A Twitter Account Step By Step

If you want to create your own Twitter account. So today we will tell you how you can easily create a Twitter account. The easy way is to use Twitter or create your own ID on Twitter. You must have a mobile number and email ID to create an account on Twitter.

  1. First of all you have to go to Google Play Store and download the Twitter application from there.
  2. After downloading the application, you have to install it on your phone.
  3. As soon as you will install the application on your smartphone. You have to signup. There are many ways to signup. If you want, you can signup using your email id.
  4. Otherwise you will get the option of Sign Up With Google. You have to click on it.
  5. Now all the email ids that are logged in your smartphone will be visible to you.
  6. Among them you have to choose the email id through which you want to sign up.
  7. Now you have to fill your DOB. Then click on next.
  8. Now you have to write something about yourself, you can skip this step if you want.
  9. After this you have to choose your language.
  10. In the last, you have to select your Username. From here you can choose any username. It just needs to be available.

You can create your Twitter account through this easy process. If you face any problem in creating a Twitter account. So you can ask us through comments.

How to Make twitter Account Private

There are many different rules regarding privacy on Twitter. Twitter promises to give full privacy to its users. Let us tell you that WhatsApp can use only 140 characters to type messages on Twitter. Twitter is going to increase this limit in the coming few days.

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You can block any user on a Twitter account. If you want, you can also block him forever. Twitter gives this facility to all its users. Apart from this, you can also report users. This facility is also available on the Twitter account, you can report any person.

Q. How to create space on Twitter?

1. Long push on the Tweet make on your Home course of events and afterward tap the new Spaces symbol (different circles framing a precious stone shape) on the extreme left. Or then again, tap on your profile picture at the highest point of your course of events.
2. While making another Space, you will see choices to Name your Space and Start your Space.
3. To plan a Space, tap Schedule for some other time. Pick the date and time you’d like your Space to go live.
4. When the Space has begun, the Host can send solicitations to Listeners to become Speakers by tapping on individuals symbols and including Speakers or tapping an individual’s profile picture inside a Space and adding them as a Speaker.
5. You will have the choice to turn on subtitles for all Speakers and Listeners to see, either while making a Space interestingly or later in your gadget settings.
6. The Space is live until you end it, or then again if the Space is found to abuse the Twitter Rules, Twitter may likewise end it.

Q. How To Open Twitter Account?

First of all, you have to go to Twitter and create your account. Log in to the account with the help of an email id. After this, you will be able to Open your Twitter account.