How are you meaning in Hindi: हाऊ आर यू मीनिंग इन हिंदी

how are you in hindi

How are you meaning in Hindi: Often you must have used this sentence. In common colloquial language, we use many such English words. Today many English words have been included in our language. We also use those English words knowingly or unknowingly. Today we will talk to you about some such words, which are used by people in common colloquial language.

How are you in Hindi is an English sentence. There are many such sentences that are used by the people in common life. If a list of such words or sentences is prepared, it will probably be a very long list. Today we will tell you about such words through a list. Which you use in common colloquial language. Or even while talking to their friends, they use such words.

The history of words is very old. Today any language can find English words in almost all languages. We feel very proud when we use English words while speaking it while pronouncing our local language, which is wrong. The English language is a secondary language. Your primary language is your local language. We should feel proud of our mother tongue or our local language.

How are you meaning in Hindi

There will be many people who do not know the meaning of this word. This is a type of English sentence. If you also do not know the Hindi meaning of this sentence, then today we will explain to you the meaning of this sentence in detail. The Hindi meaning of How are you is quite simple.

When you meet an acquaintance or a family member, you ask that person about his/her well-being. When you try to know the condition of a person, then we often use How are you. How are you meaning in Hindi ‘आप कैसे है’.

How means ‘कैसे’, are means ‘है’ and you mean ‘आप’. There are many such English words, which are used in a common language. Suppose there is a word whose Hindi meaning you do not know. Or is there any such sentiment? Whose Hindi meaning you are not able to extract. So the words of that sentence have to be divided into many parts, and the Hindi meaning of different words of that sentence has to be taken out. After this, you will be able to easily translate that entire sentence into Hindi. In this way you can get the How are you ka Matlab.

How are you meaning Hindi

As I told you in this way you can find out the meaning of any English sentence in Hindi, and understand it easily. If you want, you can also do such Sentence Court because it is used in the common language of our life.

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You can find out the Hindi meaning of how are you on the basis of words. Just like you want to know Hindi of How Are You, then you can take the meaning of ‘How’ and ‘are’ meaning ‘है’ and you meaning ‘आप’. If you have basic knowledge of English then you can translate any words into Hindi.

How are you meaning in Hindi Answer

If you meet someone and he says How are you, what should you answer? Today we will go. If someone of yours speaks this sentence then you can say ‘I am Fine, Thank You to him. This is a very common answer. You can feel free to reply to this answer.

If you want to give any other answer in the answer then you can also select that answer. The answer depends on your wishes. It also does not mean that your answer is not suitable for the question. Your answer should fit the question.

How Are You Answer

  1. I am Fine, thank you.
  2. I am Ok.
  3. Not too bad. Thank you.
  4. Yeah, All Right.
  5. I am Alive. Thank you.

How are you in Hindi meaning: Today we’ve been informed that albeit we talk in our local language, we still choose many words of English. regardless of what language you speak, but what percentage words of English are included therein language too. albeit you are doing not want to, you’ve got to settle on those words which are from the English language. we’ll tell you a few groups of words that are literally taken from the English language.

How are you Matlab: There is no such country within the world today. Where the English language isn’t used. The English language is spoken in most countries on the planet. And it’s understood. we all know the English language as International Language because it’s not the language of anybody country. If you allow your country and attend another country, then English is often useful there as a primary language for you. Therefore it’s vital for you to possess knowledge of the English language.

How are you translate in hindi

How are u Hindi meaning: There are many such questions that are commonly asked. Or in colloquial language, people choose these sorts of questions. Suppose if a person asks this sort of question to you then you ought to choose the right word to answer it. once you answer the person’s question on the idea of selecting the proper words, it makes an enormous difference. Generally, it’s been seen that folks choose simple words.

How are you all meaning in Hindi: If you’re during a meeting, interview, etc. Then you ought to choose each word correctly. At that point, your words are your identity. Keep the words limited. Your image is made on the idea of these words. If you would like to try to do something different in society, then, first of all, you ought to concentrate on language and words.


Based on the selection of such words, you can easily answer the question “How are you meaning in Hindi“. Friends, we hope that you have got to learn a lot with the help of this article. If you have any opinions related to this topic or have any questions, then you can tell us through a comment. We will try our best to help you.