– Covid Vaccine Registration Process Covishield And Covaxin

Friends, today we will talk about how you can get the vaccine by visiting Today we will talk about how you can register yourself with the help of this website and book a Vaccine Slot for yourself. Today we will learn about this topic step by step.

This website has an important role in the vaccination plan of the Government of India. Because people register themselves with the help of this website and then book vaccine slots for themselves from here, so today we will tell you how you can book your slot with the help of this website and get the vaccine easily. .

The interface of this website has been kept quite simple so that any user can easily complete their registration and book slot. Apart from also you can book Vaccine Slot through Arogya Setu App as well as register yourself.

Self Registration Register

You can do self-registration by visiting Cowin gov in which is completely free. To register by visiting this site, you must have a smartphone or laptop.

Now we will understand step by step how you have to register yourself first and then book your slot for yourself-

1. First of all you have to go to Google and search Cowin. And then you have to click on the first website. Now you have come to the official website.

2. Now at the top you will find the button of Register / Sign In. You click on it. From here you complete the registration process.

3. In the next step you have to enter your mobile number and click on Get OTP. After that an OTP will come on your number, you have to verify it to fill it.

4. After that you have to complete the registration by filling your name, an ID proof (Aadhaar card), Aadhar card number, etc.

5. When your registration is complete, then you have to login again.

6. For Vaccine Slot Booking, you have to go to Schedule and then you can search by entering your district or your pin code. With this, vaccine centers will start showing in your area now. Wherever the slot is empty, click on it.

To confirm Slot Booking, you have to fill the captcha and submit. If you want, you can also download PDF from here. From here your slot gets booked.

Through this process you can do Covid Vaccine Registration. It’s quite easy. Sometimes the slots are not empty, due to which the booking is not done, but you do not need to panic in this. You can also place an alert message by going to GetJab. With this, as soon as the Covid Vaccine Registration Slot is empty in your district, you will get mail from GetJab.

With this you will not have to check the slot again and again. When the Vaccine Slot is empty, you can book the slot and get the Vaccine installed.

If you want more information related to Registration and Slot Booking then you can read this article of ours. It is explained in great detail here – read

Now we hope that you have booked your slot and you have also completed the registration, if you face any kind of problem in this process then you can ask us through comment.

About Vaccination

Registration For Covid Vaccine Registration
Registration start date28 April 2021
Vaccination Start Date1 May 2021
Minimum Age For Vaccination18 years
Vaccine Registration
Vaccine Name Covishield, Covaxin, Sputnik V, Pfizer

Self Register cowin gov in

Through the above process, you can book the vaccine for yourself from here and also complete your registration. When you visit this website only then you are given all the options here.

Covid-19 Vaccine Registration With Arogya Setu App

If you want, you can also register the vaccine with the help of the Arogya Setu app. To register the vaccine with the help of this app, first you have to download the Arogya Setu app on your smartphone. If you do the vaccine registration with the Arogya Setu app, then for this it is necessary to have the Arogya Setu application in your phone.

1.First of all you have to go to your Google Play Store and download the Arogya Setu application from there, after downloading, now install it on your smartphone.

2.Now select the language of your Arogya Setu app. You can also convert the language to your local language.

3.Now you will get a “Register Now” button, you can complete the registration by clicking on it or the registration is not the registration of Covid-19. This is the basic registration process to login to the application.

4.You have to complete the registration process by entering your mobile number and after that the basic interface of your Arogya Setu application will open.

5.Now you will get the option of Vaccination at the top. You have to click on that option.

6.As soon as you click on the Vaccination option, you will get the option to fill the mobile number. You fill your mobile number there and then click on “Proceed To Verify”.

7.After this, you have to register by filling the details according to your Aadhar card.

8.After the registration is completed, you have to visit the vaccination center by filling your district or your pin code. You will see all the slots or vaccination centers that are present in your district or in your area.

9.If any slot is vacant at your nearest vaccination center then you can book it and get your vaccination done by visiting the vaccination center on the given date.

Documents Required for COVID vaccine Registration

Now we will know that if you go to and register for vaccination, then which documents will you need, today we will know-how in all those documents.

If you register then you need one ID, that ID can be any like:

Aadhar Card
Driving License
Pan Card
Voter ID
Pension Document
Narega Job Card
NPR Smart Card

If you have any one of the documents mentioned above, then you can easily do Covid Vaccine Registration.

Normally, you can register yourself only through an Aadhar card and you have to go to the vaccination center only with Aadhar card.


We hope that you would have easily registered your vaccine with the help of through this process. If you have any kind of question-related to this topic, then you can tell us through the medium of the comment. We will try our best to help you.