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Bipin Rawat Biography, Death, Family: Till yesterday, people knew Bipin Rawat as the 27th Chief of the Army, but now he has retired from this post. He has got to hold an even bigger post and this is happening for the first time in Indian history. Bipin Rawat has been made the country’s first CDS officer i.e. Chief of Defense Staff.

No one has got this post before today. The job of CDS is to coordinate between the Army, Air Force and Navy. Simply put, he will be among the key advisors to the Defense Minister and he will give instructions to the three armies, although their job is not to interfere in any military activity. It will only serve to coordinate between the three armies. Today we are going to tell about the life of Bipin Rawat in this article.

Bipin Rawat Biography

Bipin Rawat had his early education at Cambrian High School, Dehradun and St. Edward’s School, Shimla. After this he went to the Indian Military Academy, Dehradun, where he was awarded the Sword of Honor for his superior performance. He then moved to the US to study higher defense, where he graduated from the Defense Services Staff College and took a Higher Command Course in Fort Leavenworth to sharpen his command knowledge.

NameBipin Rawat
DOB16 March 1958
Died8 December 2021
Cause of deathAir Crash
FatherLT Gen. Laxman Singh Rawat 

While serving in the army, he worked for several battalions, where he got experience in the security policy and war policy of different places. For example, he got experience of Line of Actual Control while working in Infantry, Battalion. Similarly, working with the 19 Infantry Division, which carried out operations in the Kashmir Valley, got an opportunity to understand the security structure of Kashmir.

Bipin Rawat
CDS Bipin Rawat (India Army)

Apart from this, he worked for various important departments like Army’s III Corps, GOC-C Southern Command, IMA Dehradun, Military Operations Directorate. Before taking over as the Army Chief, General Bipin Rawat also took over as the Commander and Co-Chief of the Commander-in-Chief of the Southern Command.

Bipin Rowat has been given the responsibility of commanding the Multinational Brigade in the Congo as well as in important positions such as Secretary General and Force Commander in the UN Mission. Many articles written by Rawat on national security have been published in many journals around the world. He became CDS on 31 December 2019 and assumed the post of Chief of Defense Staff on 1 January 2020.

Who Was Bipin Rawat

Bipin Rawat was born on 16 March 1958 in Dehradun. Bipin Rawat’s father LS Rawat was also in the army and was known as Lieutenant General LS Rawat. His childhood was spent among the soldiers and his early education took place at St. Edward’s School, Shimla. After that he took admission in Indian Military Academy and moved to Dehradun.

Seeing his performance here, he got the first letter of honor which was awarded with SWORD OF HONOUR. After that he made up his mind to study in America and he went to America, where he graduated in Service Staff College. Along with, he also did a high command course.

Bipin Rawat returned from America and after that he made up his mind to join the army. He got success in his efforts on 16 December 1978. He was inducted into the 5th Battalion of the Gorkha 11 Rifles. From here his military journey began. Here Bipin Rawat ji got an opportunity to learn many rules of the army and he also understood how they should do a team work.

Bipin Rawat had told in an interview that in his life, what he taught while living in Gorkha, he has not got to learn anywhere else. Here he understood the army policies and worked in the formulation of policies. While in Gurkha, he also worked in many army’s posts like Crops, GOC-C, SOUTHERN COMMAND, IMA DEHRADUN, MILLTERY OPREATIONS DIRECTORET as LOGISTICS STAFF OFFICER.

(CDS) General Bipin Rawat Died in a Helicopter Crash

Indian Air Force has confirmed this by tweeting. In another tweet, it was also told that 13 out of 14 people on board the helicopter have died. It also includes Madhulika, wife of General Rawat. On the other hand, Group Captain Varun Singh has been injured in this accident and is currently undergoing treatment at the Army Hospital in Wellington.

General Bipin Rawat Died

On Wednesday (December 8, 2021) morning, a Mi-17V5 helicopter of the Indian Air Force carrying 14 Army personnel including General Rawat and his wife crashed in Coonoor, Tamil Nadu. The Indian Air Force has said that an inquiry has been ordered to know the cause of this accident.

Bipin Rawat Chopper Crash

General Bipin Rawat is no more. He was the country’s first Chief of Defense Staff, ie CDS. His helicopter crashed in Coonoor, Tamil Nadu at around 12.20 pm on Wednesday. There were 14 people from the army, including General Rawat’s wife Madhulika Rawat. 13 people have died in this accident, while one is reported to be injured. Earlier it was reported that some people injured in the accident were taken to the Military Hospital in Wellington in a serious condition.

CDS Bipin Rawat With Mrs Madhulika Rawat

From where the news kept coming for about five and a half hours that some officers including General Rawat and his wife were badly injured, but then the news of death started coming in turn. By evening, news came that 13 people had died in the accident. Only one person is alive, who is a man. After this there were speculations that it was General Rawat, but late in the evening the worst news came that General Rawat was no more. His wife Madhulika also died.