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Avani Lekhara Biography

The Paralympic Games are organized after the Olympic Games. This year Paralympics has been organized from 24 August 2021 to 5 September 2021. The Tokyo Paralympics is held annually. Athletes with disabilities are included in the Paralympics. You must have often seen that many disabled players participate in sports. Those are the Paralympics Games only. Today we will talk about Avani Lekhara Biography.

Avani Lekhra Paralympics has won the Gold Medal for India this year. There are different games in the Paralympics. Avani Lekhra has won Gold Medal in Shooting Game. Many different shooting events are organized by the Olympics. Athletes from many countries participate in this type of gaming event.

The Paralympics started in 1948. In 1960, about 400 disabled athletes from 23 countries participated in the Paralympics. After that, this number continued to increase. People got involved in these games. There are many reasons behind organizing the Paralympics by the Olympics and one of them is that people who are disabled should also get a chance. In this way, the muscles of those athletes will be strengthened by the game.

Avani Lekhara Biography Age Wiki Height

Avani Lekhara was not disabled since childhood. In the year 2012, there was a road accident with Avani Lekhara. Due to which Avani also suffered a lot. But Avani never gave up in Lekhara. Being paralyzed at the age of 12 can make any person’s life hell.

Name Avani Lekhara
Fathers NamePraveen Lekhara
Mother’s NameShweta Lekhara
Date Of Birth08-Nov-2001
Birth PlaceJaipur, Rajasthan
Height5 Ft 3 In
Coach NameSuma Siddharth Shirur
Paralympics Event10m air rifle standing SH1
MedalGold Medal, Tokyo Paralympics

It was only after three years of the accident that Avani Lekhara decided that she would now participate in the Paralympics. And then started working hard to achieve her goal. Today success is in front of everyone. Avani Lekhara has won the Gold Medal for India at this year’s Tokyo Paralympics.

Avani Lekhara is a resident of Jaipur Rajasthan. Won Gold Medal in Para Shooting in Avani. Your whole country is feeling proud. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot have congratulated Avani Lekhara.

Avani Lekhara scored a total of 249.6 in this Paralympics. Which is the biggest ever recorded. The Chinese athlete scored 248.9. While the athlete from Ukraine scored 227.5. This is India’s first gold medal in Tokyo Paralympics.

Avani Lekhara Story

19-year-old Avani Lekhara created history on Monday. Avani Lekhara won the gold medal for India in the Paralympics. Avani Lekhara Story is quite inspiring. There was a road accident in childhood. Because of this, I had to lose my legs. But she never gave up and kept working hard towards her goal. After winning the medal, Avani Lekhara said that every athlete’s dream is to win a medal.

‘Avani Lekhara Biography’ further said that this medal is not the only mine but belongs to the whole country. I want to dedicate this medal to the whole country. Avani Lekhara’s biography impresses a lot. Such people prove that everything is possible with hard work. If you work hard then nothing is impossible.

After winning the medal at the Tokyo Paralympics, Avani’s father Praveen said that he was sure that his daughter would return after winning the medal. Now she is very happy after winning the gold medal.

Avni’s father Praveen Lekhara told that in 2012 he was working in Dholpur. At an equivalent time, when he was going from Jaipur to Dholpur, both father and daughter were injured during a road accident. Praveen Lekhara recovered after a brief time but Avani had to spend three months within the hospital, yet she was unable to face and walk due to a spinal injury.

After this, she was filled with great despair and locked herself within the space. After the continual efforts of the oldsters, the self-confidence returned in Avni, and taking inspiration from the biography of Abhinav Bindra, she started shooting.

After the accident, his father brought him the biography of Abhinav Bindra. This sparked her interest in shooting and she or he or he or he visited the shooting gallery located near the house and commenced practicing. He told that after practicing consistently with the direction of the coach, I started giving my 100%, then I kept getting success.

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